Netta LeDrew operates the sanctuary at Change Islands and is the main care taker of the ponies responsible for arranging their vet care, day to day feeding and all management of the ponies and the breeding program. The Matriarc of the Sanctuary!

Carolyn Parsons Chaffey is a volunteer at the sanctuary and has been known to wrestle ponies, muck stalls, make hay,  promote the sanctuary and Newfoundland Ponies on social media, radio and in print.  She also spends time doing administrative work. She was the driving force that led the sanctuary to win in the Aviva Community Fund national grand prize of $90,000 towards its new facility.

Todd Hoffe is the only permanent employee at the sanctuary and assists with feeding, mucking stalls, giving tours and other duties including helping with making hay and pony care.

“God made the horse from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth and the soul of an Angel.”(Unknown)

Donna Stacey spends her summers on Change Islands and is a board member of CINPS.  Her daughters ride and the family helps with events and assists wherever they can with the sanctuary and the ponies including letting the ponies graze on their property.

Peter Stacey is the volunteer project manager on the Aviva Barn project. He worked with the design architect on the barn, arranges for all materials, negotiated with contractors, set up timelines, placed orders and helped with the budgeting of the project.

Cavelle Pennell is a volunteer board member on CINPS and resides on Change Islands.   

Bernice Watton is a volunteer with the sanctuary. She currently is taking care of the book keeping.

Martina and Sophia Chaffey write the Kate of the Cove blog and are working on a childrens’ book about Kate. Kate is a Newfoundland pony owned by the girls. She lives at the sanctuary where she gets into much mischief.