Listed as critically endangered by the rare breeds of Canada, the pony numbers in the province have plummeted from 13,000 in the 1960’s to fewer than 400 today.”

“The Newfoundland ponies were essential to our ancestors survival. We owe it to them to keep their legacy alive. They are important part of the Newfoundland heritage”

“The Newfoundland is the only surviving native purebred pony breed on the North American continent and is currently listed as Critical by the Equus Survival Trust, an equine conservation organization.

(Victoria Tollma, Equus Survival Trust)

The Change Islands Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary was founded in 2005 to save the critically endangered Newfoundland pony.”

“Amongst rare breeds, the Newfoundland pony is even rarer. The Newfoundland Pony is an unspoiled landrace, left as nature designed it, whose only goal was survival.  

(Emily Chetkowski, Villiponi Farm, NL Pony Sanctuary, New Hampshire)

“A dog may be mans best friend, but the horse wrote history.”(Unknown)


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